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Spring Term 2014 

Section  03: TTh  10:00-11:20 PM and
      Section  04:  TTh  11:30-12:50 PM PM


Business Research Methods Course 29:623:340
We identify and locate data sources, consider ways to gather primary and secondary data, perform analysis using the computer, and effectively interpret and present findings. We focus on essential tools for the investigation of business phenomena where chance variation is a factor. The design of experiments, sampling, measuring, prediction, and causation are among the topics discussed. We reexamine concepts covered in the prerequisite statistics course from a more critical perspective. Excel is used extensively to illustrate business research principles including simulation.


   1. Statistics: Concepts & Controversies, D. S. Moore & W. I. Notz,
       Publisher: W H Freeman & Co,.
8th Edition
(click for publisher's web)
       No need to purchase the access code(s): What are they?  FAQ's on Access Codes

OPTIONAL:  Any reasonable Excel-for-Windows reference book or
        manual (the text from your MIS course , for ex.);
        no need to purchase this item before the first class.

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